My name is David Dresbach. Thank you for visiting my website, Dave’s Simple Golf.
I want to show you how the game of golf can be just that, simple.

In this age of information overload from www.this, and www.that, we are bombarded

with so many details about the golf swing that it can become very complicated.

 These complications can get so frustrating that we forget how to enjoy the game.
I want to teach you how to simplify your swing, by showing you how to get to

the most important part of any golf swing, impact position.

 With my state of the art video analysis equipment, you will learn where your

wing starts to break down. These breakdowns can make it nearly impossible

to get to a great impact position.

 Whether you’re a top notch athlete, an average Joe, or maybe even have some

physical limitations, I believe everyone can learn to get to an impact position that will

have them hitting the ball farther than ever, and most importantly, enjoying this great game.

David Dresbach