Frequently Asked Questions

  Q) I'm a total beginner and I would like to learn how to play golf. Do I need my own clubs to start taking lessons?
  A) As a total beginner, its not necessary to have your own set of clubs. We will start with the basics of the golf swing during lessons. Then you can l decide whether or not to pursue the game, and get properly fitted for golf clubs!

  Q) I hit my irons well, why am I having trouble hitting my driver?
  A) It might be as simple as alignment, or ball position. The most common reason is that everyone wants to hit the ball long, and over swings. You need to get more in touch with your swing. Know your limitations, harness that energy, take that wide swing but do it in rhythm.

  Q) I just got off the green with a bogey due to a horribly sliced drive into the right rough. On the next tee I aim further left but I still slice right. I aim more left and finally hit one straight.... straight out of play. Why?
  A) The biggest problem is we tend to play golf trying to compensate for our errors. If we hit a duck-hook left, we turn more to the right. My point is if you align yourself up towards your target every time follow through with positive thoughts you will become a better player. Keep it simple.  

  Q) I’m a decent player and in the running for a great finish on my golf league, but I'm not happy with my consistency off the tee. What would you recommend?  
  A) Honestly, pull the driver out of the bag to finish your league. However, you might need just a quick video analysis to get you into shape. It might be just a simple grip change, or ball position adjustment that gets you bombing it again.